Removing Pain and Much More

We remove pain as we guide you to a healthy life by focusing on symptoms associated with the nervous system, stemming from problems with the spine.

Focused on the Whole Family

Our goal is to help as many people in our community as we can, especially children! We want to help the next generation live a drug-free healthy life.

Providing Whole-Body Health

There’s not one solution to a healthier you—we focus on a variety of wellness practices to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Donate the Cost of Your First Visit to a Local Charity

The law says we have to charge you for your first visit, but they don’t stipulate what we have to do with those funds. So, we’ve chosen to donate the entirety of the charges of your first visit to the local charity of your choice. Just fill out our online form to schedule your visit and select the charity you’d like to support.


How do I pay for my treatment?
How long will I undergo treatment?
What is the process?
Can children benefit?

 Why Us?

We Are Community Advocates

We’re on the board of Activate Phoenixville, work closely with the Phoenixville YMCA, contribute to and work with the Healthy Women program at Phoenixville Hospital, and both sponsor and volunteer with community services and local events.

We Have Decades of Knowledge and Experience

Dr Schaffer has been a chiropractor for more than 20 years, and through his experience he has combined several classic chiropractic methods to create his own style, which allows him to focus on each individuals needs, whether spinal-, muscular- or nerve-focused..


Our Partners

Phoenixville YMCA
Healthy Woman
Activate Phoenixville