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Dr. Jim Schaffer, DC

At an early age I experienced first-hand how chiropractic care helps heal the body, without the intervention of drugs or surgery. As a young boy I crashed my bicycle, flipping over the handle bars and smashing my forehead into the ground. At the time, the concern was for the gash on my forehead, and once that was attended to, my parents assumed everything was fine. Years later, in high school, I began to experience terrible back pain. After consultations from many medical doctors—all of whom wanted to treat me with prescriptions for the pain and wearing a brace covering my entire midsection—my father took me to see a chiropractor.

After a brief consultation, the chiropractor found that the bones in my neck were knocked way out of their natural position. We were able to trace the root cause of that spinal misalignment all the way back to my childhood bike accident. Although we’d fixed up my forehead, the bones of my neck and back were never returned to their proper place, resulting in the bones of my neck fusing together. This fusion then forced my spine to overcompensate, which caused further damage along my spine.

That chiropractor proposed a treatment plan for me that included neither painkillers nor an awkward brace no teenager would tolerate. He was able to help the majority of my spine return to its natural position, restoring my overall health and relieving the pain. Unfortunately, the bones in my neck—though fixable at the time of the accident—had so thoroughly fused over the years that he was unable to fix them.

Since that first experience with chiropractic decades ago, I have gone on to attain my bachelor’s at Penn State as well as my doctorate from the PA College of Straight Chiropractic. Through this education and more than 20 years as a practicing chiropractor, I have learned that Chiropractic is about so much more than back pain: it’s about overall health, achieved by making sure the spinal bones are where they belong so that the nervous system can flow freely through the body.

After founding my first practice in 2000, I met my wife Lisa, who has become both my partner in life and at the practice. In our spare time we love to go kayaking with our four children, spend time in Cape May with our extended family, and hike with our dog Bernie.

Family has always been important to me; I am extremely passionate about sharing what I know and helping as many families as I can to avoid the pain and suffering I’ve endured. That’s why Kimberton Chiropractic is a family-based wellness center with an emphasis on whole-family health. We love what we do and are grateful to have the opportunity to help so many people in the Phoenixville area.

I look forward to helping you!

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Dr. Billy Collins, DC

After living the past 13 years in Australia, my family and I are excited to be relocating to Chester County, and I am thrilled to have joined Dr. Schaffer and the team at Kimberton Chiropractic.

I was introduced to chiropractic when I was 14 years old. I had been in a minor car accident and had no immediate symptoms, but after a few days I could barely stand due to the pain in my lower back. My mother took me to a local chiropractor, who performed a physical exam and took X-rays. The doctor then adjusted my spine and changed my life forever: while walking back to our car after that first visit, I told my mother that I wanted to become a chiropractor.

After receiving my bachelor’s in nutrition, I went on to Life University in Marietta, Georgia where I would attain my doctor of chiropractic degree. It was while I was studying chiropractic that I learned how important the central nervous system is to our overall health and wellbeing. While I was completing my studies, I was fortunate enough to be treating some of our school’s athletes in our sports rehab clinic. Most of the athletes that I cared for in college were members of our rugby team.

That first experience with treating rugby players would later prove instrumental in helping me become the team doctor for a rugby team in Australia. I have always enjoyed sports, both as participant and spectator, and I have had the pleasure of taking care of current and former professional athletes during my career, ranging from rugby players, to golfers, to basketball players, swimmers and surfers. I was proud to be able to help those patients achieve their best, but I felt more rewarded by being entrusted with their family’s health as well.

Family is extremely important to me, and outside of practice life I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife, two teenagers and our yellow lab. We enjoy going to the beach, skiing, sporting events and traveling.

I was fortunate as a child that my family understood the importance of regular chiropractic visits in maintaining our overall health; my parents, my siblings, and I were all regular chiropractic patients. I realized then, even as a teenager, that my body and mind operated at an optimum level while I was under chiropractic care. And, as a doctor now, it is part of my job to educate patients about how the nervous system controls and coordinates every system and cell within our body, and that maintaining a healthy spine is paramount for our body to function properly.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you, working with you and your families, and helping all of you achieve your health goals.