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Goodbye Sniffling, Sneezing, Wheezing and Coughing

the season for coughing, blowing, wheezin’, an’ sneezin’. Or is it? Thousands of chil­dren,and their parents in our community seem to be affected by this allergy thing.

It breaks our heart to see our children rubbing their eyes until everything they see is blurry. We hate to send them off to school with all the symp­toms of a cold and knowing that they just don’t feel up to the challenge of their long school day.

And what about us adults? Wiping our noses-until they are red, or worse, sneezing on the boss at lunch meeting? Proba­bly not the professional im­pression you were hoping to convey.

So what choice do we have, other than to get in line at CVS with all the other suffering families, and purchase the late­st craze in over the counter “allergy relief’. Again, we hate sending our children off buzzing from the side effects of these drugs … and if you read the package, you better not be operating heavy machinery.

(I’d consider a car heavy machinery… but what else can we do?)

Well… let’s talk about that! Why is Hannah is affected but Josef is not? What is it that makes one child allergic and another not? After all, we .all live on the same planet!

The difference is most often seen in how one body is able to handle something which isin the immediate environment: pollen from trees, grasses, flowers, etc.

In other words, your body seems to be very sensitive to the pollen in the air. This is called being hypersensitive. Think about this for a moment. Something is making your body hypersensitive to a perfectly normal part of the environment!

So, is the solution to get rid of all the flowers, trees and grasses? Or does it make more sense to make your body cuntion normally so it can handle its environment in a normal fashion? You may not realize that the thing that runs your body is the nervous system. As long as it is able to control all functions of the body with no interference, your body — or that of your child — should have the best health possible. If, however, there is interference to the normal functioning of the nervous system, the body will not function properly and will react poorly to its environment.

Chiropractors call this interference a vertebral subluxation. A vertebral subluxation is when one of the bones in your spine moves out of its correct position. It is nice to have these moveable in your spine so that you can bend and twist, but it also means that they can move out of place.

If we consider the busy, physical, rough-and-tumble world of our kids, we can see how children can easily cause a subluxation in their spine. Things as routine as the constant falling while learning to walk, jumping out off that last limb of the tree, a collision at soccer practice.

As for adults, we deal with bumps and sudden movements, bad habits — such as slouching at a computer desk all day, carrying the kids on a hip, or hunching behind the steering wheel — all as part of our jobs. These things can all impact our spinal health, which in turn can affect our ability, or rather, the inability of your body to handle something which is in the environment, like that pesky pollen.

Luckily, chiropractors are able to correct these vertebral subluxations, so you and your child will have a better chance of successfully dealing with those allergens!

If you or your child are suffering, please give us a call — we can help!

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Dr. Jim

Dr. Jim obtained his bachelor’s degree at Penn State and doctorate from the PA College of Straight Chiropractic. He has been practicing chiropractic since 1998 and founded his first practice in 2000.