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In 1985 there was a study done on 81 patients in whom after 15 adjustments the patients reported less pain, less fatigue and better sleep.  


I recently read results from a survey known as “We Feel”. It stands for women expressing fibromyalgia effects on their everyday lives. The survey found that 43% of respondents enjoyed relief from their symptoms by using alternative therapies such as chiropractic, massage and meditation. That is a pretty good percentage, especially considering that the “alternative therapies” were randomly received.

The goal of the survey was designed to gather data and better understand perspectives on diagnosis and treatment, as well as the impact of the condition on patient’s daily activities and types of support or care patients received.

The medical profession still has many questions as to the causes of fibromyalgia. The typical medical response is to prescribe potent drug combinations such as pain medication, anti-depressants, sleeping aids, and still others.

Since prescription drugs have been relatively ineffective and carry a host of risks and side effects it seems that looking to “alternative treatment ‘would make a great deal of sense. Fibromyalgia causes patients to have aches and pains all over the body; many suffer from back and neck pain, as well as leg pain. We know patients are increasingly searching for non-drug solutions. Therefore many suffers have sought out chiropractic care to relieve their pain.

The report also provides evidence to patients with fibromyalgia that chiropractic is useful in helping relieve the severity or frequency of their symptoms.

In 1985 there was a study done on 81 patients in whom after 15 adjustments the patients reported less pain, less fatigue and better sleep.

Now, if you are a regular reader of my column you know that back pain is NOT what chiropractic is all about…so please, read on.

There is additional evidence that supports the neurological component of chiropractic as the true reason for chiropractic’s effectiveness in addressing fibromyalgia.

As posted on altmd.com:

“Current research suggests that fibromyalgia is a disorder of the central nervous system. People with fibrolyalgia appear to have abnormalities in the chemical compounds that transmit nerve impulses. They also have, on average, four times a much nerve growth factor as people without the disorder.”

This suggests that fibromyalgia is a problem of Central Nervous System hypersensitivity. Because, as we say week in and week out… chiropractic is based on the fact that an individual’s health is controlled by the state of their nervous system! Chiropractors, who by their education are experts in the Central Nervous System, are well suited to help patients reduce their fibromyalgia symptoms.

– Dr. Jim Schaffer

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