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Chiropractic care is vital to the physiological functions for both the mother and the baby in pregnancy and birth!  


You may be surprised to learn that Chiropractic care is essential for pregnant moms. Aside from the relief it can offer from the discomforts sometimes associated with pregnancy, such as constipation, leg cramps, nausea, back and neck pain, etc., its main focus, however, is not pain.

There are two very profound principles within Chiropractic that we should be thinking about when we discuss expectant mothers and the precious cargo they carry:

  1. That the nervous system is the master control system of the body
  2. Any interference in the function of the nervous system must then result in a malfunction in the body.

Applied to pregnancy, this is of utmost importance to the developing fetus. I feel that in order to have the best possible pregnancy, Mom’s nervous system must function with no interference; especially where it controls the uterus and placenta. This will reduce the risk of problems associated with pregnancy – miscarriage, placenta previa, etc. The biggest benefit of course, is having a healthy baby.

Chiropractors support the body’s own ability to adapt and function at its optimum level, the way it is designed and programmed to do. Chiropractic care is vital to the physiological functions for both the mother and the baby in pregnancy and birth!

By keeping the mothers spine in alignment it will reduce the interference to the mother’s nervous system which controls all of her systems and functions. Momma’s nervous system running at peak performance is like putting top grade gasoline in your car after a tune up! All the parts of the engine are running smooth! That means your baby is getting top quality information from her nervous system. Not clogged up or delayed information. Isn’t that what we all want for our babies?

Ensuring that a mothers Pelvic bones are level will also help ensure that the Uterus does not become contorted or twisted. Imagine the Uterus as a balloon. Now imagine that you twist the balloon. Can you see how there is less space in a twisted balloon? This is what happen to the Uterus when the pelvic bones are not level. It is a condition called In-Utero Constraint. In-utero constraint occurs usually in the last trimester of pregnancy when the baby has grown correctly but there is not as much room for him to move around into the natural birthing position because the “balloon is twisted”. This birthing position is commonly known as “breech”. Chiropractors adjust the pelvic bones throughout pregnancy to help prevent this situation.

Lastly, a Chiropractor can help a women through this time with the dreaded pain that starts in the low back and travels painfully down the leg. When a pregnant woman’s hips are not level there will be extra pressure on one side of the hips. Misalignment of the hips can happen to anyone, but a pregnant woman has the additional weight of the baby adding pressure, which irritates the nerve as well as the piriformis muscle. And that is what we all know as…Sciatica. This is a very common side effect of pregnancy that women just do not have to deal with. Have a Chiropractor check you as soon as you know you are pregnant, if not just to save you the torment of this common ailment, do it for the health benefits it brings your unborn baby!

– Dr. Jim Schaffer

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